Archie (Tiny) C. Hill

Ship’s Cook, First Class, USN

East Base






Known as “Tiny”, Archie Clayton Hill was the cook at East Base.  Hill was born in Cherokee, Alabama, on December 12, 1902. His daughter, Mooene Alene Hill, lived in Long Beach, California, when her father sailed for Antarctica on the USS Bear.


The March 1993 edition of National Geographic contains a photograph of the menu for the 1940 Mid-Winter Night Dinner prepared by Hill, and written on the chalkboard by East Base leader Richard Black. Hill’s menu included: “Fresh Frozen Shrimp Creole, Roast Thos. Turkey, Dressing Supreme, Sweet Potatoes Georgia, Hot ‘Tiny Special’ Biscuits, Fresh Frozen Strawberries and Cream” and other dishes.


Hill was appreciated for his good nature and willingness to prepare special treats.  When Snow and Perce flew extra supplies out to Finn Ronne and Carl Eklund (Main Southern Sledge Journey), Hill sent a special treat to the two men who would be on the trail for 84 days:  a meringue pie made from penguin eggs. 


Hill retired from the US Navy as a Chief Commissaryman.  He died on October 14, 1977, and is buried at Mynot Cemetery, Cherokee, Alabama.


Geographical Feature: Cape Hill later changed to (USGS) Mount Hill ; (AADC) Mount Hill








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