Joseph Healy

Dog Driver

East Base





Joseph Healy, one of eight children of Irish immigrants Hannah and John Healy, was born on April 29, 1912, in Scituate, Massachusetts.  Educated in local schools, Healy continued his education on the Massachusetts Nautical Training  Ship.


Having served as a dog driver on the Second Byrd Expedition, Healy was valued for his experience and proven abilities and was accepted as a dog driver on the USASE.  Healy and Lytton Musselman were members of the Southeastern-Eternity Range Survey trail party, led by J. Glenn Dyer. The trail party departed East Base with Finn Ronne and Carl Eklund on November 6, 1940, separated from Ronne and Eklund on November 21, and proceeded on their expedition until their return to East Base on December 11.


After his return to the U.S. in May 1941, Healy joined the Army Air Corps. He served in Greenland under the command of famed polar explorer/pilot Lt. Col. Bernt Balchen.  Healy participated in several search and rescue missions, including the rescue of twenty men from the B-17, “My Gal Sal.” By the end of the war, Healy had earned the rank of master sergeant.


Upon his separation from the military Healy returned to Massachusetts and spent the remainder of his life working as a poultry farmer.   At age 59, Healy died suddenly on July 1, 1971, from a heart attack.  He was survived by his widow, Anna Healy.


U.S. Antarctic Service Medal:  Gold


Geographical Feature: Cape Healy








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