Lester Lehrke

Chief Boatswain’s Mate, First Class


East Base






Known as “Sails”, Lester Lehrke was the East Base sailmaker and assisted as a radioman.  He was born in Carlos, Minnesota, on August 29, 1910, and died in California on September 24, 1988.  Three years earlier, Lehrke was predeceased by his wife, Mary.  Both were buried in Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, California.


With Robert Palmer, Lehrke manned the Mountain Weather Plateau Weather Station during November and December of 1940.    Click on the link to Herbert Dorsey, Jr.’s paper for the  American Philosophical Society.


Antarctic Service Medal Gold


Geographical Feature: Lehrke Inlet








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Links:                An Antarctic Mountain Weather Station”, Lieutenant H.G. Dorsey, Jr., U.S. Army,

                           Proceedings of The American Philosophical Society, vol. 89, Part 1, 1945



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